by Kimani – GrenCHAP

What is it to love without fear? How does it feel to love without prejudice? The sad and unfortunate reality is that many LGBT persons living in Grenada have no idea what this feels like. Let us be abundantly clear, this is not an issue of gay rights, as no such thing exists; this is an issue of fundamental HUMAN rights — the right to live and love without fear of discrimination.

The Grenadian public has this perceived threat of gays/lesbians, which is nothing short of ludicrous. If a same-sex relationship is somehow affecting yours, then you need to re-evaluate your union. Ultimately, all we want is to have our basic rights observed, respected and protected.

Imagine everyday waking up being faced with two choices: be who you are and subject yourself to violence and discernment; or put on a mask, play a part and suffer in silence. As an independent nation, no government or church should have jurisdiction over the personal lives of its citizens. Rallying to deny LGBT persons their human rights is in fact a hate rally; what that promotes is exclusion, fear and further prejudice.

How difficult is it to live and let live? How difficult is it to stay out of people’s bedrooms? How difficult is it to basically mind your own business? Christians, stop selecting passages in the Bible that is convenient to your cause and government. Stop using a dormant and inhumane law to threaten the livelihoods of your LGBT citizens. Love is a basic right. Love is a human right. Love is my right and I choose to do it without fear.

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