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  1. Bev
    Bev says:

    I always see this add on now Grenada news and happen to click on it to see what is all about. First I was tearry reading some of the articles. I am so proud of you people coming together to this to help these type of people in Grenada. I am straight but I don’t like how other people treat LGBQT community.Grenada had a bad rap for the way the treat this community long time ago. I am not sure if it is worst now as I don’t live there. I came to visit two years ago with my daughter who is a lesbian with her partner and they had a great time.We stayed at a private place so I felt more comfortable than staying around too much villagers as I didn’t want any harassment.When I lived there I never had any negative thought about gay men etc. It is time for the government to add sexual orient in their anti discrimination law.


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