GrenCHAP  provides a steady supply of food to the PLHIV community to improve nutrition. Many PLHIV’s are poverty stricken or come from poverty stricken households, due to under employment or unemployment and subjected to stigma and discrimination by the general public. 

In Grenada, there are approximately 421 known HIV cases with just about195 on regimen. Nutrition plays a major role in the effectiveness and adherence to medication. This vulnerable population within our communities include children who are in most cases forgotten in the many attempts made towards addressing the needs of PLHIV.  

Children of PLHIV are in most cases required to drop out of school to assist in caring for the home and other siblings. By providing an accessible food bank and assistance to the children of PLHIV an increase in the number of persons on regimens and also the number of these children being able to access school continuously will be established thus minimizing the poverty gaps and closing in on the cycle of poverty.

To donate to the Food Bank please call GrenCHAP at 435-0585. Donations can be made to the office on Old Fort Road, St George’s.


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