Support GrenChap

We want marginalized populations to thrive.

We want them to be healthy, we want them to be happy, we want them to be heard.

And we want them to be valued citizens that contribute to the diversity and prosperity of this country.

Because you’ve read this far, we think you might feel the same.

What impact your donation has

The sobering reality is that our services are under constant threat of crippling funding cuts and dwindling resources.

GrenChap is facing the challenge of a future where the services we offer will be put in severe jeopardy; perhaps even discontinued. The reality is, we and everyone we support need your help more than ever. Without GrenChap, none of this would have been possible…

We know that GrenChap makes a positive impact on people’s lives. We know it because every single day people tell us how GrenChap helped them improve, and in some cases save, their lives.

Our desire to thrive stems from the positive feedback we’ve received from the lives we touched. We are asking you to help us so that we can continue helping our population.