by Mathew Anthony

When I hear Red, I hear Life;
A life that I long for
A life that I wish to make a difference in
A life where love takes over all.

When I think Orange, I think healing;
Healing the broken hearted
Healing the sick
Healing the wounds of the battered.

When I see Yellow, I see sunlight;
The sunlight which guides me through the day
The sunlight which helps me grow
The sunlight which shines so bright.

When I smell Green, I smell nature;
The earth after the dirt is dampened by the rain
The flowers which blooms in the spring
The aura every day.

When I touch Blue, I feel Harmony
Harmony between two souls
Harmony between sexes and differences
Harmony between body and mind.

When I taste Purple, I taste the spirit
The spirit which moves within me to make a decision
The spirit which makes me stand up for my rights
The spirit which determines my fate.

When I mix them all together, I get Pride;
Pride to be me,
Pride to be free,
Pride to show the world who I can truly be.

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