GrenCHAP is celebrating UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Day on Tuesday, 1 March 2016. We encourage Grenadians to stand in solidarity with victims of discrimination worldwide by making a social media post using the hashtags #ZeroDiscrimination #GrenCHAP.

“Zero Discrimination Day celebrates diversity, tolerance and inclusion while rejecting discrimination in all its forms. Discrimination is defined as the experience of exclusion based on personal characteristics or perceived social association. This includes being treated unfairly because of one’s hair texture, skin colour, sexual identity, gender identity, religion, political affiliation, age, class or disability,” says KizzyAnn Abraham, Project Coordinator.

As part of GrenCHAP’s participation in this year’s celebration, Grenadians on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter are asked to share what zero discrimination means to them, using the hashtags above — this may include personal experiences. Members and allies of the organisation hope to have many persons standing in solidarity with those affected.

GrenCHAP is a sexual reproductive health and human rights advocate for marginalized populations in Grenada.

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